Real Experiences

LivOn Journey Camp

LivOn Journey Camp is where survivors come together to experience the path of survivorship.

Z. Lott

It was AMAZING! I honestly believe this is needed. There is a huge emotional burden that can come with survivorship and it’s great to have people to have you readjust to life and find your way back to joy. Having peace of mind is needed during every part of this journey.

R. Walker

It was indeed a great meeting full of information and relief from stress.

T. Briggins

The program was well organized and served as a valuable resource.

S. Webster

I thought it was very good, it was relaxing and everyone seemed at ease.

G. Fike

Great experience.

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day® is more than just a celebration. It’s where we join together to recognize cancer survivors, raise awareness of the ongoing challenges they face because of their disease, acknowledge milestones, and most of all – celebrate living life.

Monica N.

To see the balloons fill the sky was a perfect demonstration of change and renewal and serves as an ever-present reminder of the fragility and sacredness of life. This event exemplified Mrs. Harris’s commitment to being a steadfast source of encouragement for cancer survivors and fighters across North Alabama.

Ronald and Cassandra T.

It was truly a blessing to fellowship with survivors, family and friends at the National Cancer Survivors Day! Our favorite part was the balloon release to honor relatives, survivors, and those who lost their fight to cancer. Thank you again, for taking time out to celebrate such a memorable event.

Tonya B.

It was an amazing event filled with inspiration, motivation and a powerful presence of hope!! The balloon release was like sending my cares and thanks to God! Thank you for coordinating a wonderful event.

Betty R.

It was a beautiful sight to see the balloons released in the sky. I’m looking forward to next year.

La Keshia B.

It’s an honor to stand with those who fought cancer and survived. To see their triumph and gratefulness as we also remember those who are no longer with us is truly a blessing. Let us be ever thankful for those who survived to tell their story.

Brenda B.

I was humbled to be in the presence of survivors. It was a great celebration of life after cancer.